Igtimaati Services

Flawless services from top to bottom because our Application is a threshold of your paperless evolution.

Successful implementation

• Figure out how you manage your Igtimaati meetings • Configure Igtimaati fulfilling all your required need. • Provide support for any issue which will rise during the process • Work together with you to create your first Igtimaati meeting • One option of being at on site during the first Igtimaati meeting

Persisting business relationship management

We see the successful implementations of your first Igtimaati meeting are just the start of our business relationship. We have way more to go. We understand that you might need some change or might a new member join the Igtimaati meeting, our hands-on team will be there to assist you for any such changes. We appreciate your feedback in order to make our Igtimaati application to be much more that what it is

Training for Everyone

During our hands-on training, we make sure your organisation understands how Igtimaati and Connect can simplify your business practices. We provide facility of remote bespoke or on-site training sessions for directors and meeting organizers.

Depicted support

We know that any configurational change takes time and effort. Igtimaati team are all set to provide hand on support before, during and after the first Igtimaati meeting to ensure smooth running of your meeting and to answer any questions directors and support staff might have. We will provide full support with our expert professional and specialist.